Who are we?

Poet Destro doing his thing.


Word Smash Poetry (WSP) is a creative free expression Southern African youth Artivists Social-Enterprise. Its main thrust is to provide a platform for young creative activists and artivists to speak truth to power through spoken word. As a social movement, Word Smash Poetry was established in August 2017 and was later legally listed as a social business in February 2019 for administrative purposes but remains fluid and an energetic Social Movement. We amplify the stage works on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Wordsmashpoetrymovement /.

Word Smash Poetry Movement was founded to improve communication and impacts of communication efforts by using creative messaging and deliveries. At first, it was just a club of conscience and free-expressing creatives and later it became helpful to other institutions intending to communicate better. It was founded by young award-winning creative writers, performance word artists, celebrated Videographers, and media content creators.

From that day in a low-lit corner to today and tomorrow, WordSmash endeavors to represent creative, innovative, and impactful communication which through our four years of existence has proven to be the only 360-degree approach to communication. It is a mix of carefree creativity and careful purpose. The platform prides itself with a regular pool of over 100 brave poets (40 being Females) across Zambia, around 60 (30 being females) affiliate poets from the SADC Region with other sexes and genders occupying the difference and an average of 120 persons per show with over 5000 views and reaches for each poetic post. The catchment area for poets and audiences are universities, youths from compounds, rural youths, and the message targets mostly decision-makers, power-holders as well as established institutions with prowess to push forward peoples’ voices. 


We believe in freedom of expression, an expression that delivers on goals and objectives by facilitating the desired impact. We strive to use the voice of the young in shaping the present and the future through our efforts and tools.


To enhance communication efforts for increased social impact.


  • To curate poetry shows that enhance the marketing campaigns of our clients.
  • To create creative messages delivered through poetry performances, voice-overs, videos, audios, or in written form to ensure impactful output for our clients.
  • To create partnerships with CSOs, social enterprises, corporates, and individuals for the achievement of 360 degrees communication and marketing through creative expression.
  • To conduct trainings for individuals, teams, and groups of teams in creative communication, creative campaigns, and activism for social causes, and corporate social responsibility marketing.
  • To make WordSmash a household name in the creative communication space in Zambia and Southern Africa.
  • To perpetually ensure that young people’s voices are heard, and at utmost applied in shaping the present and future.
  • To work with the best poets and creative communicators in Zambia and Southern Africa in serving the most innovative or innovation-seeking CSOs, social enterprises, corporates, and individuals.


To improve communication by leveraging creative messaging for all CSOs, social enterprises, corporates, and individuals. We believe impactful communication is creative.


“Poetry is a language.”

Audience at one regular session


The core team is 3 with 10 provincial volunteer curators.

Bhekumusa Moyo

Regional Director



LinkedIn and Email

Vanessa Chisakula 

Country Coordinator 



LinkedIn and Email

Gerry Sikazwe 

Communication Manager



LinkedIn and Email


  1. Art_It: A current-affairs creative response 
  2. Digi-Stage: Online based creative activities
  3. Curated Poetry Shows
  4. Creative Activism Training 
  5. Creative Writing Training
  6. Creative Communication Training
  7. Campaign Designs
  8. Counter Narrative Communication 


  1. Event Facilitation
  2. Rapportering Services
  3. Themed Poetry Performances
  4. Youth Mobilization 
  5. Creative Activism Consultancy
  6. Creative Communication 
  7. Written-Audio-Video 
  8. Marketing Messaging Services.


  • IMatter
  • ActionAid 
  • Global Platform 
  • CSPR
  • Bloggers of Zambia 
  • Oxfam Zambia
  • Fight Inequality Alliance
  • ACA
  • Prince Claus Fund
  • Civicus 
  • Vida E Caffe
  • CEJ/ WWF
  • Ntwasa Arts Festival-Zimbabwe 
  • LitFest Harare-Zimbabwe and MaunFest – Botswana
  • British Council




BLOG: Word Smash Poetry

FEATURES: IMatter, YCreate by Prince Claus Fund,


FACEBOOK: Word Smash Poetry Movement

TWITTER: Wordsmashpoetry

INSTAGRAM: wordsmashpoetry

SOUNDCLOUD: Word Smash Poetry

Email: wordsmashpoetry@gmail.com 

“Poetry is a language”-TPP

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