Season 1 Episode 4 Poster

This week we enter Episode 4 of our first Season of DigiStage. We feature amazing wordsmiths from Zambia and Malawi. Check their profiles below.

Dexter “Destro” Fundanga is a performer, copy writer, voice over and hip hop artist. His writings and performances explore his journey in life and echoing purpose and perspective from each life event and how it may relate to the next person. He is also a copy writer and voice over artist that has been active since 2014 and has worked with some big named brands that have assisted him in reinvesting his earnings into his art. He released a Spoken Word Album in the year 2018 to much local success and acclaim and in 2019 released an EP titled Secrets in which he expressed his more Hip Hop/ Rapper side of his art. He has performed locally at poetry events and concerts, in Bloemfontein, South Africa and in Harare, Zimbabwe. Destro strongly believes that art has purpose and that purpose can shift culture and change a whole narrative. He continues to work towards creating alternative platforms for art to be spread, shared and heard by the masses including collaborating with as many passionate artists. He is currently working on a hip hop mixtape telling the story of how he seemingly managed to balance being so passionate about the arts with educational obligations in University.  Destro also runs a company that does Public Relations and copy writing for corporate and individuals.Lastly he is working on authoring his first book. HANDLES: @DestroFNP on Twitter  @destrofnp on Instagram

Phindu Zaie Banda is a Malawian feminist who is passionate about using poetry to advocate for social justice. Her work is centered on women and their lived experiences, using raw emotions to illustrate the various dimensions of femininity. She is a fierce advocate for gender equality and creative expression, using different platforms to break the silence surrounding cross-cutting issues. Since starting writing in 2014, Phindu Zaie has headlined many arts and corporate events, notably performing at Lake of Stars Festival and Tumaini Festival more than once. She has also been invited to perform for the first lady of the Republic of Malawi, the Irish Ambassador and the American Ambassador on different occasions. Phindu Zaie has a spoken word album titled “Bodies are (not) Homes,” which explores themes of identity and growth. Phindu Zaie is inspired by everyday life and writes honestly about her own fears, joys and sorrows; capturing the hearts of many audiences with her passion. HANDLES: Twitter and Instagram: @phinduzaie Facebook: Phindu Zaie Banda.


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