Poetry is a language that speaks to our hearts with sound or many times without unless we dub. The year 2019 brought with it a pandemic and we still real under it. Poets like many artistes have been faced with the predicament of survival. Poets can not access the stage, the audience and yes, this affects their livelihood. Word Smash Poetry is bringing a cool opportunity to beat the stress…. Poetry by the Couch is the answer.

Three poets are poised to scintillate the audience with their poetics for 1 hour and 30 minutes….. its a lit moment. The Word Smash Café will serve drinks and snacks for the audience abiding to the Ministry of Health Covid19 regulations.

Entrance is just K50 and we shall only accommodate 20 people on the audience and stream everything on Facebook. Your contribution will go towards Poets and your snacks.

Strictly by registration by WhatsApp on: +260976252896 . Follow for more details…

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