Word Smash Poetry Movement Video File Used On UPND-Zambia Facebook Page

Word Smash Poetry Movement as a social enterprise believes in youth agency in society, in faculties of governance and development. We believe a future that one cannot speak about or work towards is nothing but merely a dream. And young people are not dreams or dreamers who only become flesh at a later stage. Young people are alive and sane from the onset. So, we speak and ask questions today, we act and solve problems today; knowing tomorrow only comes to those who prepare for it in previous days.

There is a video file being circulated on social media in which our poets are being represented as being in support of one political party against another or others. This is not the case, Word Smash Poetry Movement is a non-partisan collective whose artists exercise their rights to free speech and share their views as truthfully as they experience them and express them as such. We endorse the messages of our poets; however we do not support one political party over others in those messages. The said video was posted on the UPND Zambia Facebook on 23rd July 2021, and purports the Movement endorse UPND Zambia Political Party over other participating political parties in the forthcoming 2021 Zambian General Elections.

Word Smash Poetry Video on UPND Zambia Facebook Page

We are a free-speaking, free thinking, and a highly non-partisan institution that believes in respecting individuality, and above all creative communication. In practicing this, we distance ourselves from any suspicions or speculations that we are pro-UPND Zambia political party just as we are not pro-any-other-political-party by denying the premise. We are entirely a creative communication social enterprise that uses art to address socio-economic issues affecting young people and their livelihoods in their communities, countries, and continents of dwelling.

Having cleared that up, we urge you all registered voters, young people, women, and men, to exercise your rights to vote peacefully, and without fear. Also, we wish good luck to Zambia as it goes to the polls on 12th August 2021 to choose its leadership for the next 5 years. Meanwhile, we urge our partners, associates, friends, and fellow creatives to continue interacting and engaging us in making Zambia a socio-economically conducive country for the full development of youth, women, and men in its borders.

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