Call For Submissions

Word Smash Poetry Movement is calling for poetry submissions from Women Poets across the SADC region for our Mwala ”the rock”, a campaign documenting the experiences of Women Human Rights Defenders with support from #IMATTER Campaign. These poems must speak to the conditions of Women Human Rights Defenders and their aspirations for today and tomorrow: exploring the challenges and success of Women Human Rights Defenders and also the underlying opportunities that are necessary for making Africa a place where all women know and enjoy their human rights.

This is not a paying opportunity.

Submission Guidelines

1. Length of Poems should be 15 lines maximum.

2. Short Bio of 100 words long and an author’s picture.

3. Due Date is extended from 15th October 2021 to 20th October 2021, submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until then.

4. Only one submission per poet is advised.

5. Use to submit your poem using this subject ‘Mwala Campaign Poetry’.

About Word Smash Poetry Movement

Word Smash Poetry (WSP) is a creative free expression Southern African youth Artivists Social-Enterprise. Its main thrust is to provide a platform for young creative activists and artivists to speak truth to power through spoken word. As a social movement, Word Smash Poetry was established in August 2017 and was later legally listed as a social business in February 2019 for administrative purposes but remains fluid and an energetic Social Movement. We amplify the stage works on Facebook, follow today us at /.

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