‘I am a Rock’ by Carla-Ann Makumbe

She is Xena reincarnated as she battles the forces of shadows.
Of words cutting into her skin with whips leaving her bruised
And yet she refuses to be broken
She is the centre of a storm toppling the covers of women
Whose dreams were marginalized to the kitchen
Of women whose voices were silenced
And as she struts still those she stands for spit on her like vipers
Their venom sometimes steers it’s way into her heart but not for long
For hers she left in the hands of destiny.

She is the model of the waving flag at a home port
She is the vessel which the higher power have
Bestowed the power of Deborah
Her dancing tongue moves rocks from women stuck
Beneath avalanche debris
Her strength so contagious and yet still battle lines are drawn
Yet still difference make her be found wanting and oh to be brave
To sacrifice that which you do not have
Just so hands can be joined as she says
I am a Rock

About the Author: Carla-Ann Makumbe is a poet based in South Africa but originally from Gweru. She is the author of an Anthology of poems called Patricia I Had To Man Up. Carla-Ann’s words seek to touch hearts and make an impact where women are concerned. She is passionate about women and children’s rights. Some of her works can also be found in Loud Thoughts and One Poem Project. 

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