‘Silent Cries’ by Margaret Chideme

Female, black…African, female and black
3 minority qualities rolled into one, with wings
Clutched, born with an illusion to fly
“Why r u so daring, shut up!!! Think you are a man?
Real women walk with their heads bowed down”
African, female and black, so much more to hide!
Inner stride bold, outer crawl cold, audacious admired usually?
Rather, audacious, deserving of a smacking to put you “right”
Fate in those who “own” you, their rights earned
By a last name, by birth or by a couple of thousands or cows paid
A misstep, a mishap, a mistake, who cares?
Reality is, it’s there, never fully equally human as a man
African, female and black…born a slave
Never mind the seemingly curse, the silent cries
There is royalty to that name, royalty
To the purpose, African…Female and Black!!!
Daring and audacious, could be qualities of greatness instead.
Hail Oh Female Black African Queen, remind them!!!!
Remind yourself of your price, priceless, never believe otherwise.

About the Author: Margaret Chideme is a business woman and a single mother. She loves to indulge in colorful boundless creative writing as a tool to dive into taboo topics in the African culture. She has a blog called Maggie’s Diary where she pours out her uncensored thoughts, memories and personal experiences. She just launched an anthology of raw poetry called First Thirty about lust and love, pain and abuse, divorce, womanhood, searching and rediscovery.

More information on her can be found on her personal social media pages Margaret Chideme on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as First Thirty on Facebook.

Blog: https://maggiesdiary.com/
Website: www.first30.co.zw.

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