‘A Steady Gallop’ by Priscilla Cynthia Chieza

They call us crazy because we shout the loudest
Try to lock us up when we stand up in protest
Rural folk ignore us and call us immodest
They say a woman should just submit and suffer in silence
But with passion and determination we press on in Ernest
Speaking boldly for ‘her’ who has become choice less
We are the voice of the voiceless
Sometimes penniless, but we keep on nonetheless,
The cause is worth it, her worth is priceless
A ray of hope flickers, as we come together our unity triggers
A change of mindsets and shedding of blinkers
With new eyes the world begins to see that true acts of humanity
Are enshrined in upholding women’s rights and dignity.

About the Author: Priscilla Cynthia Chieza, otherwise known in spoken-word poetry circles as PrisCynth, lives and writes from Zimbabwe.

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