‘Defining Peace’ by Kiesha Hill

Do they know peace is not a place to rest your head? Or that it’s not the absence of war?

Do little girls at the vegetable stall wish for more for their younger sisters? Do they wish for a better life than the one life too often gives them? It is a damned existence when you can’t see beyond the everyday sacrifice of youth for more time to learn to hate existence. To not have the words to beg for reprieve from suffering. When you don’t even know that your existence is suffering. And even now give them a pen and they won’t know how to spell HELP…. Or SAVE ME. Or PLEASE….. Or even their own name…. A long life isn’t always a good life when you haven’t been dealt a kind hand. No one deserves to be left behind, who told us there isn’t enough room in the future for everyone….. Why did we believe them? The struggles femininity faces patriarchy deepens them. You see, some problems need to be gendered to be addressed or at least classed so that they are faced for what they are. WOMEN. SECURITY. PEACE. Read that again or PEACE. SECURITY. WOMEN

Kiesha Hill is a 22-year-old Zambian poet. Kiesha has been writing poetry since 2016. Kiesha has always had a passion for writing and Word Smash Poetry has given her sanctuary to voice out on key issues happening around her society. Kiesha is a child of immigrants, she believes everyone deserves a moment of peace and sanity. She currently pursues her Poetry practice with Color Culture in Lusaka.

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