‘My History Book’ by Mary Chikondi Chiselembwe

This is my history book-
In my history book women are the front liners, the fighters,
the inventors of great inventions-
making History since Day One.

History cannot be unlived
History cannot be unlearned, changed or altered for what it is-
What we have read, what we have heard

It has created a magma composition of different women
born from pain and sullen with bitterness:
Forgive women for not learning to be serene.

A woman’s ‘NO’ means she’s disrespectful
her ‘YES’ means she’s uncultured, her body means consent.
And a marriage certificate signifies nullification of all her freedom.

Like an animal on its way to slaughter
she draws silence from her pain and she 
buries her voice in the fangs of society
as it pushes her back and calls her a witch.

[But] here is a different woman, a rock.

Mary Chikondi Chiselembwe is a 21 year old , feminist ,activist and poet who believes in changing ideologies that are barriers to the economic, political and social development of the country and the world at large , she conveys her message through her poetry which is her greatest platform for activism

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