‘Trees Of Life’ by El. Sunshine

For us to eat the sweet fruits
Of freedom. You went through a lot.
Floods of hate & war
Hell full of anger, because you 
Want your children to eat

You stood hard & strong
To feed equality & Empowerment
To teach us, women of tomorrow
How to stand up and fight. We 
Thank you for being strong for us

For building us a better tomorrow
For removing the broken glass on
Our way to the better forever, tomorrow.
Prosperity and success ahead of you
Strength and power, you are the champ.

Esmie Puledi, El sunshine, is a South African writer born on 24th July. From a small village in Limpopo. She started writing at the age of 14 and has not published any of her writings yet but looking forward to it. She is looking forward to the journey of writing and learning and growing as a young writer.

She is one of the authors of the book Dark lanes of the city (mirroring the contemporary individuals) edited by Shivani Adha.

1 thought on “‘Trees Of Life’ by El. Sunshine

  1. Wonderful, this is so great. Let’s keep it up. So inspiration


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