‘I am “Mwala”‘ by Atiyya Dudhat

You may not hear me, but I am your voice,
It is me that has heard the millions of cries and the scared pleas of NO!
in Indignation, against humiliation, more tribulation.
I have embodied them all, and become one. 

You may not see me, but I am in the mirror,
It is me that has seen the countless blows to a woman’s self-esteem.
I have been bruised by the hits and became hard. 
Yet, I want you to remain tender-hearted,
for the future of tomorrow, the birth of new beginnings. 

You may not know me, but I am with you
I have understood the greed of impotent powers, and been pushed
to the edge of insanity in flight and fright, broken but undefeated. 
I stand strong. Know that your power will not die.
Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokotho. You strike a woman, you strike a rock.
Know that I am ‘Mwala’, forever inside you.

Atiyya Dudhat, is a clinical counselor, author, educationist, entrepreneur and NLP Coach Mentor. Over two decades of industry experience in wellness, education and media have infused her with the love for uplifting community. She is a South African ex-Magazine editor, author, KG principal, founder of two NPO’s, and a book publisher. The first three letters of her name ATI are testament to her signature motto, “Aim to Inspire & Achieve the Impossible!”

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