‘Her Race’ by Kachusha Nkosha

As hard, as the rock hit by moses’ rod,
So is our warrior.
She works up wondering,
What will work today?

Stop! This is not for women!
You are not the first one,
They tried and failed,
Imagine the president going on maternity leave?

A thought of it can cause birds to collide;
She hears them whisper.
All she wants, is equal representation,
Her feminine voice to  echo in men’s world.

She moves confidently,
With a hope of a better tomorrow.
She has succeeded in policies
That enable equal participation,

Numbers of female engineers have increased, more girls are in school,
Pregnant girls have access to education too.
Yet, she won’t rest until she sees more female presidents.
She is a woman advocate! She is everything!

Kachusha Nkosha, is a 29 year old Zambian nurse/midwife, who is passionate about adolescents health and women’s rights. She has been working  for  the Zambian  ministry of health for 9years. She coordinates maternal, newborn, adolescents department.
she is a member of the women’s global health Zambian chapter, were she is getting more experience  on how to best be an advocate.
Recently she, did a small, breakfast with adolescents on women’s rights with focus on gender based violence.
She is an upcoming poet with her first poem published in the October edition of the African Writers Magazine entitled ‘Rooted Roots’.

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