‘This Society’ by Vanessa Chisakula

Unjust systems towards women have not left the room
It’s now in a shape of a wall clock
Counting days and reminding women to get married
It’s now a social media post
Telling women how to behave

There is a trace of God in her eyes
Bruised palms from lifting weights around her
Where there is a God
She is a woman
Women succumbing to suffering are there
Living among us
They are those we call mothers, sisters, daughters and friends
Silently suffering like its religion

Society is a very judgmental congregation
Yet women preach peace from the podium
Front lining movements and championing as women rights defenders
Gender based violence just got a facelift
Made it to news blogs and they call them Survivor stories so they can have news
Systematic oppression just found a way to get comfortable
A way to make the acts a little more stylish
Making suffering glamorous
Worthy of Consumption

This woman in pen, will never bend to this oppression
Only the ink will curve as she carves a correct culture.

Vanessa is the Co-founder and National Coordinator of Word Smash Poetry – a movement that encourages creative free expression among Southern African youth “artivists” and promotes social Pan Africanism.

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