‘Song of Hope’ by Zahida Wahab

Owesifazane – your powerful voice echoes reverberating hope. 
With your raised fist you make the air sing a melancholic song of struggle of your tears
And the tears of every mother, daughter, sister and friend.

Your feet never stop moving towards
emancipation for all women. 
Your heart beats in tune to the rhythm of your dreams for a country where the scourge of abuse and discrimination cease to cast ominous shadows for every woman whose light is dimmed but you continue to inspire, to relentlessly fight so that the light of all women shines forever bright…

  Glossary: Owesifazane means Woman

Zahida Wahab is an educator and a published poet and writer. Her literary offerings are published in Womandla 1 and has been selected for Womandla 2. She is also a contributing writer for an online magazine and assists many Non-governmental and Community based organizations with public relations and compering of events. her 2 poems on ‘Indenture’ featured as part of the 160th celebration of the Arrival of Indentured labourers. She is a former columnist and Radio presenter as well as the ‘voice’ for the Chatsworth Child and Family Welfare Charity Fair. Zahida currently serves as a trustee for the Chatsworhty Regional Hospice Association. She is committed to promoting Reading and is a Funda Leader at the Nalibali. She is passionate about the empowerment of the women and protection of children and is actively engaged in counselling and empowerment programmes.

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