‘Ever Since’ by Loveness Kashika

Ever since, she has hoped to find her belonging
Praying the violence won’t fully shutter her already known silence 
For despite the strides towards gender equality, 
She still strives for her place in this world called the comfort zone
But still won’t end her war zone at her place of work.

She too wants to rest from all the tradition, 
Religion, frustration of the family and all 
The multi dimensional eyes looking for her.

Sad right, sad how she is but only valued for being sexually productive, 
Sad just how no one knows how irritating it is to be cat called, 
Sad of how her cries are known but unnoticed.
Maybe we are still living with conversations that have stayed for hundreds of years.

In a world where consideration is limited, she too wants to be considered.

Loveness Kashika is a young poet aspiring to learn, teach, and live through poetry. She lives in and writes from Livingstone.

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