‘Metamorphic’ by Siddhi Pillay

Once buried under erosion, we bound together 
jagged pieces of what life was 
and never should have been

We seared the surface, enlightening the earth 
that feminine flow will harden
to the feet and fear of men

But we’ll not be defined as the settled or quieted fire
Our presence and force are not
functions of past folly

Watch us crystallize the better parts of this existence
as marble monuments to what
we could and will be.

Siddhi Pillay is an aspiring writer and systems thinker. She is passionate about intersecting the Arts and Sciences, using a systems thinking approach, to innovate society. She has written two children’s books and one anthology of poems for adults. She is currently a World Literacy Ambassador-in-training and has started Lit. Leaders SA with a small group of dynamic changemakers to improve literacy in the country. She is a past winner of the Chaeli Campaign National Poetry Award (2014) and the Cultural and Creative Careers Festival Writing Competition at the University of Edinburgh (2019).

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