‘Tlapa Le Ikadileng’ by Poko Boswa

I am a woman, Mwala, the rock
Ke tlapa le ikadileng, I am the unbreakable rock
We have scars like tattoos in our sacred landmark
We have prints of swollen wounds in heart
We have fallen holes of grief and pain
But we are robust because we are women!

A woman, phenomenal woman
Her endless tears become her comfort
Her body knows the whips, 
The force of semen hellhole rage between her treasured land
The rumbling and gurgling noise of her stomach day and night
The endless haunt of Godzilla
My people together we rise, let’s our pens ground
Let’s our pens speak out for us and safe our motherland
Africa the birthplace of mankind!

Gorata Mighty Ntshwabi aka Poko Boswa is a Botswana citizen, a registered stage and page poetess who believes in hard work and fortitude for success. She specializes in both traditional and contemporary poetry. Gorata is a Gender Rights, Culture and Arts Activist who believes in freedom of expression and resilience. Her goal is to advocate for the promotion of gender equality through any platform, inspire the young generation and unearth talent from grassroots. She is an author of an English poetry book “Exploring the Roots Poetry my Heritage, Living Arts” published in 2016. She believes that poetry is Educational, Therapeutic and Recreational!

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