‘Acid Victim’ by Seema Prusty

He thought I would lose all grace,
And to the world, I would be a disgrace,
When he threw acid on my face.

Contorting in grimace of pain,
I wasn’t sure if I were anymore sane,
Such was a nightmare that did happen!

‘Rot alone’- he had given the dictum,
But I refused to be the acid victim,
Time would answer the conundrum.

From wriggling in pain to suffering in silence,
Facing every treatment with valiance,
I vowed never to let anyone corrode my resilience.

My life is useless – the society was dilly-dallying.
‘He marred my face, but not my heart – was my finding.
I went on to heal girls like me, for I found in that my true calling!

Seema Prusty is a feminist from India, who is currently based in Saudi Arabia.

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