‘Phenomenally, A Woman’ by Mwamba Chomba

The fear she possesses is hidden in her eyes which emanates from her thoughts 
her body isn’t made for model suit fashionable clothes 
but yet when you try to stretch your hand across her hip
you can feel the span
her skin isn’t bleached 
her melanin pop up with a little acne on her forehead 
she is an african child with bigger responsibilities in her hands 
she tries to use her thought as a pen and her palms as her book 
she uses her chigno as site to dump all
the negativity and brush it off together with the end strands of her hair
that is me
as Dr Maya would say
I am a woman phenomenally 
phenomenal woman, 
That is me

Mwamba Chomba is a student at Evelyn Hone College pursuing Environmental health. She is a writer and orator in motivation speaking. It has always being her passion to speak to the world the power of the thoughts. She lives and writes from Lusaka, Zambia.

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