‘Without A Crown, She Queens’ by Kekeletso Maryam Mphuthi

A blow of the soul,
A creation from the soil,
A body of flesh and bones,
Running inside her, flows the blood,
Making her human enough, 
A human woman with all due rights reserved,
Who queens without a crown,
Because her queen-hood is in her femininity,
Because her queen-hood is in her woman-hood,
Unapologetic African woman,
Holding the knife from its sharp,
Walking on African soil with her head up,
A phenomenal woman, ready to give it all, despite breaking downs,
A mother to the born and to be born, nurturer and pure love giver,
Yes, without a crown, she queens, unapologetic woman.

Kekeletso Maryam Mphuthi is a Master in Education Management and Leadership (MEDL) Candidate, Candidate Attorney, Advanced Master Mentor, General, Marriage, Relationship, Mental Health and Addiction Counsellor, Transformation Life & Neuro Linguistic Programming- NLP Coach, an Author and an Entrepreneur. 

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