‘She Is’ by Patricia Ngoma

The voice of the little girl who still is unable to understand that NO does not always translate
to disrespect or selfishness.
She is…a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on when the weight of the world gets heavy for the boy who’s been raised
to believe his ability to endure physical and emotional abuse is what makes him a “man”.
She is a ray of hope to the ones to whom  ” light at the end of the tunnel” is but a myth.
She is a pillar to many, men and women whose rights are violated for simply being man or woman…
their cries inaudible yet deafening.
She holds the lamp, shining a light on a path for all taking a turn from a darkness of their past
She is…an oasis all can come to when the desert sun begins to burn, a safe space free from any form of stigmatization.
She is a warrior…her willingness to fight for what’s right can only be approached.
She is an inspiration to young fighters, her resilience they seek to emulate
She is an embodiment of love, care, compassion, determination.
When all else comes crashing down, you can count on her to stand by those who need a companion most.
She is many things but above all…..she is a ROCK.

Patricia Ngoma is a 22 year old writer and poet who is currently a student. Poetry to her is not only an art of expression but more of a form of therapy. She is very open to learning and hopes to use her ability to write, to advocate for mental health and children’s rights. She started writing back in high school. 

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