‘This World’ by Theresa Mulenga

We live in a world that has no shame 
in a society that has no care 
Women are tripped and they fall
They remain stuck under shoes of lawlessness-
Of men and their systems who love to see
inequality strangling necks of girls and women,
Women stuck in sands of naivety and inferiority
That requires them to serve than be equally served. 

When we dare speak out, our tongues get bruised
When we keep quiet, our spines get broken
Laden with so much abuse, we suffer, in silence 
Silence is not comfort, silence is eternal pain- 
Every woman must know and enjoy their rights.

Theresa Mulenga is a Social influencer, Artist, Youth Advocate, Humanitarian, Feminist, and Peace Ambassador. She volunteers her time to fight for marginalized groups of society and believes a fair world can be attained through meaningful participation. She writes her poetry privately from Lusaka, Zambia

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