‘Breaking Systems’ by Lubalethu Moyo

I have become a better person
Feminism taught me how to cry,
I learnt how to embrace my scars
Scars marked on me by systems
Systems imposed on me by society
Society that expects me to be a girl
A girl who is expected to be a mother
A mother expected to be a grandmother- 
Despite all the slavery, I am expected to rise, 
Like the sun in winter – I cooled for children
Like the sun in summer – I scotched the system
Like a lioness, I roar and demand equality
Before I break my back pleasing systems
Systems created to push me down
I rise like a Woman, I rise for Women #WoMandla
Women of courage, RISE and show yourselves. 

Lubalethu Moyo* is the daughter of a Zimbabwean father and Zambian mother, she is currently reading for a Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science at Oxford University. Her poetry borders on female trees and African history. 

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