‘Writings on Stone’ by Shula Mwana Mphande

You are the font of writings on stone
Morphology of life and peace, freedom in breath
Typeset to the rhythm of joy’s essence.
Star-like, you brighten skies and warm nights.
Yes, sometimes these waters want to break you
To crush your letters into full stops and commas.
Yes, sometimes they’ll manage to drown you
Deep in worry and abuse, but do not worry.
Your form is not sinkable, and if it does sink
Your form is not killable, and if it does die know
Your form is not tears and weakness, dying skin, or fainting smile.
Above these waters, you will always rise riding storms.
For you are the font of writings on stone,
The expression of order over chaos, rebirth over ruin.
Wind-like, you set free all you touch,
And teach all you meet how to leap above the waves.

Shula Mwana Mphande are a force that uses their poetry to restore the balance that truth and fairness bring to society. They write from Kalulushi of Copperbelt, in Zambia.

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