‘Africa Is A Country’: Poetry Show Commemorating Africa Freedom Day

Word Smash Poetry Movement is inviting you to attend the ‘Africa is A Country’ Poetry Show, commemorating this year’s Africa Freedom Day, on 25th May 2023 at 14:00 at Global Platform Zambia. The theme inspires solidarity amongst Human Rights Defenders to be each other’s keepers in case of challenges they face in the line of work across Africa. We are exploring a ‘Borderless Africa’ using poetic verse and performance. 

Africa to us is not boundaries and restrictions of free movement drawn up to separate us by our former colonial masters. It is a home–our land–one country in which women, men, and children live and work together sharing. A ‘Borderless Africa to us is, as aptly described by Africans Rising, “an Africa where Africans can move around their own continent without the current restrictions in place.” An Africa in which trade, integration, and development are bettered by improved relations among its people.

It is important that we denounce these borders forced on us on a day such as Africa Day, a day on which we celebrate our triumph over foreign political control and the breaking off of shackles that once held us hostage and immobile. Africa is a Country, our home!

Host: Vikacha International

Headlining Poets: Van-Van, The Protest poet, Creed, Musenga Katongo, KingTMC, Enra Jay Jay, Naomi, Quazar Koko, Gerry Sikazwe, Forest, and Alpha.

Register using this Google Form

Admission: DONATE what you can to the Movement using Airtel Money Account Number 0973286012 (Gerald Sikazwe).

Dress Code: African Attire 

Contact us at +260973286012 or wordsmashpoetry@gmail.com for a anything relating to this event.

The show is organized with support from Southern Defenders, We Are Family Foundation, and Africans Rising.

#AfricaDay #FreeMovement #Atibwanji

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