Always Respond Timely using Information Technology is the project. You see, kick starting a project on zero budget amidst a pandemic might seem impossible but not for the Word Smash Poetry team who put their money where their mouth was starting March 25th 2020. The ArT_IT project has been able to get its fair share of attention and response from the public and the initiative has indeed played a huge role in serving the intrinsic benefit of art.

Word Smash poetry is a free expression poetry movement servicing Southern Africa and is headquartered in Zambia. The movement has been running for three years now. The team’s passion for art has been proven in more ways and in more than one occasion, there is a display of their trail and presence online. 

The team believes that as young people they are key players in resilient solutions hence the decision to go full throttle on the project which is their contribution at a time when the world was searching for healing and they are ready to offer it.

During lock-down due to the Covid19 pandemic, people consumed a lot of food but also indulged in a lot of art to stay sane. The project evidently managed to bombard social media platforms with poems on Covid19 everyday at 1pm SAT. The poetic input came from countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Mozambique. Young people were more than happy to poetically lay down their views, messages of hope and of course solutions they had thought fit for such a time. The project has since gotten them a partnership with Action Aid Zambia/Global Platforms Zambia this time focusing on 5 specific key areas which seemingly hit the most:

Plights of unemployed Youth

How the informal sector have been affected by the pandemic.

How public transport operators were affected

-What are the accountability measures to donations and Covid19

The importance of abiding with Social Distancing and Lock down rules

Youths are key in shaping the information flow to raise awareness among their peers.ArT_IT is such one project that seeks to bridge the information void left by the ministries responsible for it. Poetry speaks all languages and the project has proven that youths are more alert to creative communication as opposed to traditional methods of fliers and posters which in the Covid19 time actually pause more danger.

You can partner with us to create robust and creative short videos during this time and on other themes. Our work can be viewed on facebook at


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