Atibwanji Poetry Slam II ‘Defining Democracy’

#Atibwanji Poetry Slam II Poster

The Afrobarometer summates that, “A majority of Zambians say they are satisfied with the way their democracy is working and expect the country to become “more democratic” in the coming years, according to a new Afrobarometer survey of 2022.’’ The Word Smash Poetry Movement, therefore, calls upon poets to come to explore the theme ‘Defining Democracy’ in a word-smashing style!

On 29th April 2023, the last Saturday of this month at 4:00 PM, we are hosting a poetry slam noting the changes, both positive and negative, since the UPND came into power: checking whether or not any campaign promises have so far been fulfilled; and if the direction they wrote in their manifesto before forming government in August 2021 is being implemented. We are taking this time to use our youth voice to offer checks and balances asking them #Atibwanji? How far have you gone in fulfilling the promises you made?

This poetry slam will follow the first one we held on 27th August 2023 in which #Acentric, Andrew Simutinta came out 1st placed, Kondwani S. Bwalya 2nd placed, and Vyane Nayame 3rd placed. The 1st place winner was bound to travel to Zimbabwe, Bulawayo to participate at Intwasa Art Festival later in December and won a grand cash prize of K2,000.00. The remaining finalists stood a chance to be sponsored to other festivals opening in the last quarter of the year as they opened and as funds permitted. All three finalists went away with a copy of a classic book courtesy of Word Smash Poetry Movement, and the other two poets who made the top 5 won themselves a copy of each of Augustine Lungu’s well-written poetry collection ‘Life Cycle of African Negro’. 

To register as a Poet or Audience, please follow the LINK and see more information on the poster above.

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